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Almost Noble Hero

almost noble hero hentai flash gameAlmost Noble Hero Action and Arcade Hentai Games

The home screen image moves with the movements of the mouse and remains on the screen for approximately 30 seconds, you cannot click to progress further. On the home screen, there are three other options besides playing a new game or loading a saved game; all of them will open up links in a browser. The game itself is a story of a bored farmer boy and his father who was secretly an ex-warrior. Progression in the storyline was prompted by clicking anywhere on the screen. The intro story goes for four pages then you are taken to a town screen with intractable characters and places. This game is simple, with few options and basic screen shifts. In this game you can accept quests and purchase armor and health potions as well as services from the Courtesan. You can also save and progress in levels. The graphics were 3-D with a big white triangle cursor and there is slightly epic harmonious music played in the background. If you click on the map, you can go places and you may be ambushed or find treasure on the way. You can choose to either risk opening the treasure or leave it. Either nothing will happen to you or you will get slightly hurt (up to 7 health damage I have seen thus far) or you will loose all of your food, or you will have to choose to fight for it; but if there is treasure, you will usually get a small amount of coins and some food. I have not found that you can die when you have full heath from opening a chest. The first few fights are purely one attack, all other fights you will be able to choose one of three target areas per three or so hits. If you choose to flee a fight, you will be brought back to town, and it takes quite a few times (or at least it did the one time I tried.) If you die in battle you loose 10% coins and 10% glory (or dignity ^_^) and you are brought back into town. I was unsuccessful at eating an apple during battle although I could access it by clicking on Luke’s picture. If you encounter the Sires(?) you will risk possibly loosing all of your food. If you complete the Holy Water quest from the Merchant girl she will fuck you. For more high quality hentai flash game cartoons visit the home page.

Elli Sanders

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