Jul 25


Expansion Outline Drawing Doggy Style SexExpansion Hentai Video

Wow, pretty crazy simple outline black and white drawing of a chick with giant tits taking a shower and rubbing her giant tits and playing with her bouncy ass. Then she gets out and is walking around with a towel on, and she thinks of a dude fucking her doggy style and her ass grows. It grows so big she cannot fit through the doorway. Then she gets dressed for bed and lays down on her bed and begins playing with her little doll and her boobs grow super big causing a button on her shirt to go flying and eventually hit her on the forehead and knock her out. Return to http://dqiucun.com/hentai-video-clips/ for more porn video fun ^_^

Elli Sanders

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May 11

Becoming a Professional Manga Artist?

Black Hair Hentai Anime Hottie With Huge TitsSo as you may or may not know, I’m currently residing in Kumamoto-shi Japan, and I like it, it’s pretty cool. I came here because first off I fucking love the culture and second, I came here to actually learn Japanese…. and third. HENTAI! The shit is every where over here. I’m not kidding, even in a po-dunk city like Kumamoto loves jumping into the fantasy of hentai/manga… whatever.

But over the year or so I’ve been here I’ve got to meet quiet a few manga artists. I met this guy only for a second in Tokyo when visiting, I didn’t really get to see much of his work, but I found him online and here is his video:

Hiro Sono on Life as a Manga Artist:

I’m not much into Gundam shit, but damn he has some EPIC drawings doesn’t he? I’ve been into acrylic painting for awhile but I’ve not done much with actual manga artistry. So I thought I’d hit that shit once my next round of school is over in the next several weeks. Got time to kill and I’m not hosting any big rave events anytime soon… SOOO… I found this place:

Mad About Manga <-

I’m not sure if I’m going to grab this course or perhaps keep looking, but knowing me, I want it to be an affiliate link, cause if it’s badass I want to share that shit. But that’s why I made this page, I would super appreciate any help finding an awesome program that I could through, and ultimately sell… that’s right… I’ve got no shame ^_^ HAHA!

But seriously, I’ll be going through it so if it’s awesome. It should be sold right?

Anyway, not too exciting of a post today, but I thought I’d be a little bit more personal with you and see what’s up. So go now, fly fly. Leave me a comment and tell me what you think!

Otherwise you can check out the home page and get to playing my awesome hentai games yo!

-Elli Sanders