Dec 11

What Will Allowing Trust, Love and Appreciate Do Over Time?

What Will Allowing Trust, Love and Appreciate Do Over Time?

Again as I sit here ready to write this, having examined myself and my surrounding which then leads me to this new abundant way of thinking, but it also has come up in me by reading many of my past entries here on this blog. Many of these things that I’ve written to you have continued to pursue forward in my life. So much so I know the power of written word, the spoken word and the like. But it shouldn’t be of any real amazement to me, because I’ve been taught this power long ago by amazing mentors and yet, here I am, in wonderment of my situation, yet again, with tears of joy in my eyes.

I am so happy and grateful now that I realize my power and that the world that I live in is beckoning for my will and it’s SAFE to do so. With no gripes or complaints, it’s all here, I ask and it’s given. At this point I still live in Hakata in Fukuoka, Japan with my girlfriend Leti, but now the amazing friends that we’ve made here have pushed me further and further, finding the perfect business associates, perfect loving friends, perfect loving romantic relationships and from here I feel I’m looking down from a mountain such as Chomolungma seeing the epic journey that was started so many many years ago with a thought, a desire, a feeling.

I find myself to be so attuned with Japanese life and the Japanese that it’s becoming odd to me. I’ve traveled the world putting on rave events since I was in my early 20’s, so many years I’d be out of the country, traveling, moving to new areas… everything so new all the time. But here I am still, in Hakata with my girlfriend, with my new romances, with my new friends still going to school to continue studying Japanese. I’m finding that Japan is now becoming more and more comfortable, so much so, I sat here for awhile and realized, that, Japan IS my home now. I’ve never felt like I’ve had a solid home, not like this. When I was a early year teenager I was always moving, never becoming familiar with anything, just floating, floating, floating.

Now I’m making friends, real friends, friends that are such on a deep level of trust and love with me that I couldn’t have asked for a better attraction of love and friendship. Yet, perhaps I didn’t ask through my words perse, perhaps I asked through my love and appreciation of the life I’m living, THE FEELINGS that I’ve learned to harness and to focus into new and amazing entities of power. Since I’ve been in Japan and meeting my new friends, I ran into a wonderful young social marketing expert when I arrived, not only that she is a market research expert and she has made the difference for my girlfriend and I to finally REALLY grasp understanding Ecommerce on a level I didn’t think I would have ever understood. Last time I really noted to my monthly income it was a little above $1 million dollars a month in a gross income, since then it’s more than tripled. My income that I get to keep and stash in the bank for whatever I want AFTER taxes is now just a bit shy of $1 million USD per month. Again, it’s not like I continue to do what I’m doing because I NEED money, I do it for the challenge, I do it for the good will, I do it for the love and the appreciate of KNOWING that anything is in grasp.

I’ve been able to stay in Japan up until about 6 months ago purely on the amounts of cash I can throw at lawyers here in Japan. But since I live in Fukuoka where it’s the only city/prefecture in Japan that offers a “Start Up” Visa, I was able to procure the 6 month Visa despite that I didn’t NEED it, I only needed the time. Our new market researcher Lila is so amazing that we’ve been able to drive new business and products to and from Fukuoka, Japan.

But what I find amazing and what I love about this wondrous and mystical land is that I can leave at 2am in the morning to a konbini (Convenience store) and actually buy food and whatever I want that’s 1000% safer then even eating organic food in America. It’s crazy. But while I was walking to the konbini tonight, I didn’t ride my bike, I walked, something I’ve not done in awhile. I enjoyed the spectacle of snow bouncing through the glowing lights of the city. Fukuoka rarely really gets much snow, but lately it’s been cold enough to really see it layer a tiny bit of the walk way, but I loved it! The wind picked up and threw my hair about as if I was in an anime, which made me feel like I am truly a Japanese citizen now! Perhaps that seems weird, that I as walked down the road, witness the regular sights and sounds of Japan that I would feel this way and it would be cemented.

The taxi cab driver resting on the side of his cab near a park, smoking a cigarette, the woman covered from head to toe riding her bike down the road besides me as the shinkasen passed by to the right slowly moving to it’s final destination of Hakata Eki, the gusts and howling of the wind pushing gently against me as cold shards of snow hit my eye lids. I’m so grateful to be here and stay and in a way find my true home amongst people, a place I never thought I would find as home to a introverted individual such as myself when I was a child.

By being here I’ve discovered that my love and appreciation for my friends, my family the people around me has and continues to grow… people I know and people I don’t are in my heart in such a profound way that it’s hard to describe, it’s a journey to get here, every time I feel at the top of my game I continue to get higher and higher. I accept the challenges moving forward, my goals now are to generate over $10 million in commerce each month in the next 18 months. Watch this space because I’m going to do it.

If you have dreams and goals write about them! Do everything you can to FEEL these emotions of love and appreciation and love the people around you despite the dark moments, these moments are tests from yourself, pass them… people will seem to test you for your love, pass them… because they are YOUR tests, your family or past friends may help you or not, but love them and TRUST that whatever is to come it is YOUR tests, it is YOUR will that is coming through.

The shit we live in is because we didn’t trust ourselves… with ourselves. We didn’t trust, we didn’t believe in our goals strong enough, we didn’t appreciate and love those around us strong enough. You can forgive and not need to be in peoples life that abuse you, but the hate and lack of trust is what will keep us down in the dirt. I moved out of my comfort zone and it took me a LONG time, but here I am… living what many people would call a King or Queens DREAM life, and I would say, you’re right, but at this people I feel more connected to everyone else around me at all times, I do not feel as if my income has peeled my away from my humanity, in fact it has increased my love in humanity and my sympathy and trust and love in all those I walk with… If I ride the train, I ride it as regular human being, except I know things beyond the scope of how most people live, by my own desire at this point is seeing and knowing ALL of them CAN HAVE WHATEVER THEY WANT! I see them capable and I celebrate their successes if I happen to hear it in passing, or see an expression of romantic love pass a young or older woman’s face, or the the feeling that exudes from a young man heart having accomplished something great, or better yet, fallen in love and his trust in the future is so bright, so wonderful that it brightens every bodies day in which he passes if they realized it or not. These are the wonders of the world in which we live, ourselves, our time now, this space.

TRUST & LOVE but Bring Your Courage!

My mentors recently have really dug deep with me and exposed more interesting information about the world in yet we live and this world we live in is SOOO amazing it would make most people reading this not believe it and try to debunk it. But to come down to the truth of this: I asked when I was a child to KNOW the truth about the land we live, the reality, the matrix if you will… I’ve gotten that, I’m living in MY dream land of Japan, I have my own business that’s extremely successful with my loves, enjoying an amazing intimate relationship with them that I’ve never experienced ever before, I am very close to being fluent in Japanese JLPT – N2 and I now feel like I have a home and I love how I gain new close friendships CONSTANTLY being here in Japan. On top of all this more and more layers of truth continue to show themselves to me and with every passing layer of trust and truth my life gets bright and more exciting.

An amazing life requires being able to see past your shit… but still love and no matter what ALWAYS come back to loving, trusting and having a goal for your life and those around you. YOU are the leader of your life despite whose in front of the pack, you are responsible for the success of everyone in your clan, be it happiness, love/romance, money or the like, continue to discover ways to love, appreciate and FEEL the absolute best you can. I’m living proof that working through the dark years of life YOU WILL come out on the other side better then you could ever have without the trust, love and the WILL power of your dream and goals.

-Elli Sanders

To my loves of now and yonder.

Nov 21

Holy Cow How Did I Become So Filthy Wealthy?

Uncover Your Beliefs About Money

by: Elli Sanders

First published here

Wow, so I’m sitting here in my apartment here in Kumamoto, Japan looking out the porch glass doors onto my amazing balcony that looks over the Shirakawa River and I’m here thinking about how damn grateful I am to be able to live here, to experience the things I’ve experienced, the people I’ve made friends with, done business with and more then that I’m thinking about the adventures that are coming.

You see, I currently make around $35,000 a day right now, yes a lot goes to products, goes to labor goes to taxes and goes to charity. So at the end of the day do I really pull in a million plus a month (USD)? Nah, not even close, but you know what, you can live pretty damn well on $300-$400k a month. But you know, money really is only a unit of freedom and that freedom really depends on your worthiness of having those freedom units. Beyond all the little law of attraction tactics you can do, worthiness is the prime reason one (perhaps you?) doesn’t achieve a life of ease when it comes to financial gains and grace. Thing is I can live off of less then $10,000 a month (personal expenses), I do it kind of frequently (besides rent I can comfortably live on $2,000/m).

But don’t get me wrong I KNOW that $10,000 is a lot of money to a lot of people and yeah it’s a good money, but it doesn’t buy much believe it or not. I live very well usually spending that or less a month on rent, food/eating out, education, transportation and some for friends and family who come and see me. But how exactly can you get to the point where you are living a life of fanciful luxury that can last and be able to have the free time to do what your heart longs for?

NLP tactics to learn to become worthy about moneyWorthiness.


Your worthiness causes you to act in certain ways and controls your anticipation towards your goals. The more you feel good about your goals the faster they will come to you in your life, be it through challenges or ease, these attractions that you pull into your life will be coming from worthiness of oneself and ones goals. So how do you increase worthiness?

  1. When you catch yourself feeling unworthy, stop your thoughts and say to yourself out loud or in your head if your in public “CANCEL, CANCEL!” Then physically or mentally look down to the ground and see a little bug saying all those things that were going on in your head, see the little bastard telling you can’t and your not worthy. Then SQUASH HIM and say “I AM WORTHY!
  2. After squashing your bug, then think about the best parts of your goals. Make yourself feel as good as you possibly can. If you are depressed try to get to anger, if you are angry try to get to frustration instead, if you are neutral or bored try to feel relaxed. The goal here is just feel a little bit better, you don’t have to be insanely stupidly happy all the time to have attraction happen, just get a little higher on the emotional scale chart (see below)
  3. Create goals that feel great and listen to music while you feel good about your goals.
  4. Go out into the world and try to smile as much as you can feeling good about your goals and the anticipation of their arrival.

The Emotion Scale PDF and ImageSo these are just some tips. This is basic NLP (Neuro-Lingustic Programming), you are basically hypnotizing yourself to stop feeling unworthy. Every time you catch yourself feeling like shit and using the cancel cancel technique you are in essence breaking a habit.

All thoughts, actions and beliefs you have today are practically the same that you had yesterday, and that will continue until you catch yourself thinking beliefs and doing certain habits that make you feel crappy and change them. Everything is habit that you ultimately do to some degree, it’s all based on your bodies basic chemical addictions that need to be fed. Once you break the habit you wish to not have, you are then free to fill it in with something else.

That’s where your goals and dreams come in to formulate your habits that then build on to themselves and bring you a life truly worth living in excitement and appreciation.

So this is how this works:

You’re born with preprogrammed ideas, beliefs and physical disposition based from your mother while you were in the womb, you are not a blank slate starting out, farthest thing from the true fact of things. Between the energetic and genetic codes from your parents you’ll have to accept that no one is born equal at ALL.

It is true that those that come from wealthy family lineages have a better natural attraction towards money and worthiness in that direction, but don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t have what you want. You can physically and spiritually change these energies inside yourself by changing your habits on how you feel about your worth and money by working with the NLP tip I gave you.

So, you’re born, you get programmed physically by your parents beliefs (their worthiness and unworthiness beliefs), you go to school pick up a really fucked up version of how life is and how money works, you go to college get another dose of WTH about money, you go into the work force to pay off a ridiculous amount of student debt, you get stuck in a rut, you find someone romantically, get married pop off kids, stress about money and then pass along this line of unworthiness about money to others.

How to feel worthy about moneyThe Solution to Unworthiness?

Catch yourself thinking limiting unworthy beliefs about money, use the NLP technique, think about your goals and dreams, listen to music that makes you feel good, feel a little bit better, smile more, stand up straighter, use positive language when responding to people in society but you don’t have to lie about feeling like shit, just always say that you are getting better.

What happens when you do this?

Well I was lucky I learned some really fascinating information from some people in some well known spiritual organizations who taught me when I was in my teens on how to change my thinking, my beliefs and ultimately how to use these methods to change habits so that I physically and spiritually attract the life I want.

After about 3 years of meditation, personal mentoring, reading and listening to self help and spiritual audios and books I attracted myself to a quick $10,000 a month playing around with rave club scene I still run till this day!

Things won’t explode over night, so just feel better now and work on stopping yourself from thinking lack and limiting worthiness thoughts. Become the alchemists of your own life, and bend your habits to create gold in your life.

So to end this, I’m looking to actually move from Kumamoto-shi, Japan on up to Fukuoka, Japan. I’ve had my feel (yes feel) of Kumamoto and it’s slow paced mountain city. Although I love it here, I want to experience life in Fukuoka, I’ve been there many times and I think I’m ready for a more fast paced life again, going to new places, meeting new people every day and going to a different school, because honestly I’m slacking on my Japanese :P, this is my way of creating a new habit. I want to go full function with my Japanese, so I’m going to stick myself in the way of it constantly by being exposed to it every single day in every way.

I have to admit I’m not too shabby when it comes to learning and speaking Japanese, I just feel I want to take it up a notch. I feel excited about it, I’m anticipating looking for apartments or maybe even a house in Fukuoka and looking for a new school to get into, I’m looking forward to the people I’ll be meeting and attracting in my life. How damn fun, life is amazing, don’t let it pass you by, by letting your habits of other people conquer your dreams and beat you down.

Law of Attraction to Change EmotionsRISE above it all by realizing you are worth it and you deserve it, push through your shit, emerge on the other side stronger, bend your will to meet your goals, you have all the power of a star and beyond, you are the center of your Universe, remember that! Elli Sanders says you can create what you want, push upward, push higher, stand tall and smile because, you have exactly what you want and you can have more by simply wanting more, as long as your worth is a match to your belief of having what you want.

Now go, get your journal out and write what you want and feel good about it, listen to music, squash that bug and change your habits!

-Elli Sanders

PS: Feel a little better now.