Aug 15

Teenage Robot

Teenage Robot Gang Bang Covered in Cum Adult Cartoon VideoTeenage Robot Hentai Movie

This is a hentai parody of the cartoon my life as a teenage robot. The teenage robot gets fucked hard by rock monster dudes then gets gang banged oral and pussy fucked then forced anal and fingered and double penetrated and fucked some more until they pound her pleasure button and she cums and screams and breaks different parts of the rock dudes and her rescue comes. For more Cartoon Network forced sex cartoon videos click <---- ^_^ -Elli Sanders

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Jul 17

Threesome Fantasy

Nothing better then chocking on cock cumThreesome Fantasy.

Let me tell you about a true story that happened to me. When I was 19 I was working in a grocery store in California. I worked the swing shift and got off work at midnight. When working in the retail grocery business you get to see a lot of people. Customers coming in talking to you on a daily basis. On this particular day a lot of store employees were going to a party hosted by one of the customers. I didn’t know anything about it till about 11:00 pm. My manager Greg asked if I wanted to go to this party after work and that a lot of store personnel were there.

I said sure and followed Greg in my car so that I could leave should the party be boring. The party was at a nice condo in LA. The lady who was hosting the party was Terri. After meeting everyone I grabbed a beer and started checking out the home. I was in the TV room when Terri walked in and
introduced herself. I will never forget this. She said,”Hi Im Terri and I
haven’t seen you at the store. Would you like something to eat. I declined.
She then said that if I needed anything just to ask and then she said she
would probably be the best fuck I ever had. I practically spit my beer out of
my mouth.She then asked if I would help move her 6 year old daughter out of
Terri’s bed into her own bed. I went into Terri’s room and carried her
daughter to her room.

I went back to get my beer which I left on her nightstand and she came in behind
me and closed the door. she pushed me down on her bed and immediately grabbed
my belt and began to pull my pants down. I was a little nervous because of all the people
in the other room, but since this is Terri’s house she could do what she wants.

She grabbed my cock and sucked up and down. She licked my balls and then put the
whole cock into her mouth and swallowed. As she sucked my cock I grabbed her
shorts and pulled them down. To my surprise she didn’t have any panties on. She turned
completely around and put her pussy right on my face while still sucking my
cock. Her pussy was fresh and her clit looked like a little island in the

She continued to suck on my cock when someone knocked on the door. I
panicked and pulled her bedroom covers over me. She opened the door and in
walked Liz. Terri closed the door and liz looked at me and then Terry and
then sat down on the bed. I was a little intimidated at first. Come to find
out later this was planned all the time. Liz apparently liked me from working
at the store. She crawled across the bed a gave me a wet kiss. She pulled the
bedsheets off of me exposing my hard-on.  Terri reached down and began sucking my
cock. Liz joined in and also began kissing Terry. This really turned me on.
Liz took her shirt and shorts off. Now Liz has the biggest tits I have ever
seen and a nice looking cunt to match. Liz then put her pussy on my face and
began sucking my cock. I wanted to fuck liz desperately.

I got off the bed and got on top of Liz and began putting my cock in her wet
pussy. Terry straddled Liz with her pussy over her face. Liz was eating every inch of
Terri’s pussy. I was near cumming so I pulled out and asked Terri to turn
around so I could fuck her from behind. As I began fucking Terri she put her
face in Liz’s cunt. Both were moaning in shear pleasure. I shot my load in
Terri’s wet cunt. Liz wanted to eat Terr’s cunt with cum inside.

I was completely exhausted but Terri and Liz dry fucked each other for about half
an hour. Terri asked if I wanted to come over the next night but that it
would just be her and I, and I accepted. I have never had this happen to me
again but I hope that before I die I can experience the pleasure that I had
that night.

Jun 11

Brunette Hentai Toon Hangs Upside Down While Goo Creature Invades Her Womb

Brunette Hentai Toon Hangs Upside Down While Goo Creature Invades Her Womb

I firmly believe this slut got caught on purpose. She heard the other police officers say that if you get caught by this tentacle monsters that you’ll have the most fulfilling sexual release of your life. But they forgot to add that these women were also then ripped down into the sewers and never heard of again. But at this point she can attest that they were right, her pussy is fully swollen and dripping with her womanly juice. Added with the monsters natural lubricant and the semen is pushing deep into her womb, she feels full and wonderful.

What she doesn’t know is that soon after her orgasm the tentacle monster will inject 1000’s of little fertile eggs into her womb for breeding. It will create a painful pressure in her lower stomach. But luckily for her, they also inject a numbing agent soon afterward that leaves the breeding vessel in state of pleasure. This will be her life from now on until her womb can no longer withstand the amount of eggs the tentacles inject inside of her. Once she is of no use, she will be released as an empty shell of a person, left wanting more. No man will ever be able to satisfy her ever again. Her focus only on how she can repair her womb so she can return home as a fresh breeder.

-Elli Sanders

Brunette Hentai Toon Hangs Upside Down While Goo Creatue Invades Her Womb

Jun 11

Breeding Tank Uses Fresh Teen Hentai Girls to Push Their Fertile Eggs Into

Breeding Tank Uses Fresh Teen Hentai Girls to Push Their Fertile Eggs Into

I really love the captured breeding slave hentai teen in the back. You can tell shes been indoctrinated into the system already and she knows how much enjoyment is to come when the tentacle tubes come to fill them up with freshly fertilized monster eggs. Nothing better though then a newbie to the system. Being filled up pregnant with an aliens young. But soon, she will also consider the hatchlings her babies and treat and protect them as such. Shes in for quiet a treat!

-Elli Sanders

Breeding Tank Uses Fresh Teen Hentai Girls to Push Their Fertile Eggs Into