Aug 20

The Celebrity Zone 6

The Celebrity Zone 6 Ugly Chick Before Surgery Cartoon VideoThe Celebrity Zone 6 Hentai Movie

This final episode of the Celebrity Zone which is similar to the Twilight zone titled Ima Swan is about a show called the Vulture. There is a really ugly chick named Ima Pige who goes in for surgery to become prettier. After surgery, she has red hair and a pretty face and different voice. She has sex with the nurse who licks her pussy and she sucks his dick and he licks her pussy and anus then fucks her doggy style then from behind. The sex scene footage is almost exactly the same as in other Celebrity Zone videos especially the Gallery Night. After getting super excited about her beauty, her bondo falls off and she looks exactly the same as before. Kinda strange, but whatever. Find more awesome cartoon hentai videos on http://dqiucun’s video movie page….

Elli Sanders

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