Jan 19

Realm of Sex

realm of sex hentai flash gameRealm of Sex Meet and Fuck

This game is different. The graphics are bright and colorful. There is a typical blonde princess riding behind her prince on a horse traveling. They stop because the chick gets horny. You can then select to have the dude eat the chick out or for the chick to give the dude a blowjob. If the dude licks the princess, he will think that she is a bitch. If the chick gives the dude a blowjob she will think that he is selfish. Either way next the prince and the queen of a different area go off alone. The queen asks if the prince would like to see her tits. You are unable to select the wrong answer, they will simply become crossed off and you will have to choose another to make the game continue. She has really long bouncy breasts which you can replay the scene of them bouncing out of her dress. Then she will ask if you want to fuck her. Again you cannot select the wrong answer. Another strange programming, is that when you cursor over the “not sure” response, it translates into a different language. Then they have sex where you must click the button matching the speed the queen says. First you will click slow, then furious instead of fast. You have a restricted amount of time to change speeds otherwise you will lose. You will also lose if you select the wrong speed. Then they will continue to have sex but all you have to do is to hit the arrow button to change scenes otherwise the same sex scene will loop over and over until you do. Then while he is cumming on the queen’s chest, the princess catches them. The End. Buy Pocky Sticks Damnit!

Elli Sanders

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