Jul 16

Dirty Ernie Show 6

Dirty Ernie Show 6 Lesbian Cunnilings Threesome Boob GrabDirty Ernie Show 6 Hentai Video

Have you see the five previous episodes of the Dirty Ernie Sitcom? If not, start going backwards by watching The Dirty Ernie Show 5 next. This episode is about a new shipment of pills that Ernie wants. If you choose Valium to Buck, he allows Flo to have sex with him and Nursie is going to let Ernie give her a bath. If you choose Viagra, Nurse Bubbles is licking Nursie and Buck comes in and squeezes Nursie’s boobs.

Then if you choose Viagra, Ernie will pass out and dream of Nursie laying on the bed naked and wanting him. If you choose Valium, Ernie passes out and dreams of Nursie being a genie and her removing her top. There are only 2 more episodes, watch the 7th Dirty Ernie episode.

Elli Sanders

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