Aug 21

The Mating Game

The Mating Game Charlie Fucking Paraplegic Dude in Wheelchair Adult Cartoon VideoThe Mating Game Hentai Movie

This video with Charlie similar to the TV show “The Dating Game” where three bachelor men are asked questions individually. The spokesman for this video is Sean Connery also in Celebrity Jeopardy with Charlie. The first guy is Arnold Schwarzenegger. Option 1 shows Arnold fucking Charlie, Option 2 shows them fucking doggy style, and option 3 shows her sucking his dick while he holds her hair then he squirts on her face. The second dude is a black midget dude, for option 1 she holds his tiny dick in her wide open mouth. Option 2 shows the black midget fucking Charlie doggy style and option 3 shows the black midget jacking off and cumming on Charlie’s face. The third dude is a paraplegic dude who is tempted by Charlies dirty talk ^_^ Option 1 is Charlie attempting to suck his cock while he thrusts his lower body into her face. Option 2 shows Charlie bouncing on the fat paraplegic dude’s dick. Option 3 shows Charlie using a toy while the dude in a wheelchair jacks off and plays with his nipple then squirts himself backwards. Then he realizes he can stand up and Arnold flings the black midget at him and cripples him again. Pretty twisted, but most all videos with Charlie have their own twisted humor, if you haven’t seen all 30 or so videos with charlie, check them out here on dqiucun ^_^

Elli Sanders


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