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Elf Hottie

Elf Hottie Dressing Game Bat Girl With StockingsElf Hottie Dress Up Hentai Games

This game has selections to choose the ethnicity of the chick. You can choose, East Asian, Caucasian, Latina, Africana, Royal Japanese, Gargoyle, Demoniac, Angelic, Ebony, Brazilian, Night Elf, Reptilian, Alien, Alien 2, Alien 3, and Asian. It only changes the color of her skin. She can have brunette, dark, gold, cotton pink, cyan, jade, ivory, deep blue, ruby, marigold, fire, violet, black, or blonde hair. You can un-check the box for her large animal ears. You can also change the color of the bat wings or unselect the box to remove the wings. You can also change what she has around her neck to be skulls, crucifix, dog collar, tie, teru plush on her shoulder, brooch, scarf, pearls, or nothing. You can also change the color of these items. You can change her top from teruchan to string bikini, night wear, garter, garter 2, rugged torn shirt, lacy vest, leather, chains, or topless. You can also change the color of these, and for items with lace or ties or chains you can also change the color of these separately. You can change her bottoms from teruchan to string bikini, fuzz trim panties, ring panties, daisy dukes, leather hot-pants, or chain panties. And you can change the color of each as well. You can change the color of her glove, and select whether or not she has a simple long cat tail. And you can change the type and color of her stockings as well as the lace. You can also select boxes to give her two different tattoos, a belly button piercing. glasses, two different nose piercings, a lip piercing stars on her cheeks, a freckle, multiple freckles, stitches on her cheek, extra eye makeup, and cat whiskers. For more KEYWORD visit the home page.

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